The Gift of Legacy

The Gift of Legacy

Beloved author Jim Stovall continues his bestselling Ultimate Gift series with The Gift of a Legacy. "Just tell me how I can get my money and get out of here." Theodore Hamilton's good friend and Joey Anderson's great-grandmother, Sally Mae Anderson, touched many lives during her lifetime. Joey, however, has little interest in his great-grandmother's final wishes after she dies--until he learns that she's left him Anderson House, her successful bed-and-breakfast. But he will only inherit it if he lives at Anderson House and follows Sally Mae's instructions. How can Joey ever meet her challenge? Jason Stevens knows how Joey is feeling. After all, Jason's grandfather left him a similar inheritance years before--and his life has never been the same. The Gift of a Legacy reminds us that one legacy can change the world forever.

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Publisher Revell
Release Date
ISBN 1493422081
Pages 208 pages
Rating 4/5 (81 users)

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Beloved author Jim Stovall continues his bestselling Ultimate Gift series with The Gift of a Legacy. "Just tell me how I can get my money and get out of here."
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