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Freedom of Speech in Germany and Its Limits
Language: en
Pages: 270
Authors: Ralph Franz-Xaver Schwarz
Categories: Censorship
Type: BOOK - Published: 2001 - Publisher:

Political Incivility in the Parliamentary, Electoral and Media Arena
Language: en
Pages: 256
Authors: Annemarie Walter
Categories: Political Science
Type: BOOK - Published: 2021-02-26 - Publisher: Routledge

This edited volume affords conceptual and analytical convergence in the study of political incivility by bringing together theoretical and empirical work of sch
The First Amendment in Cross-Cultural Perspective
Language: en
Pages: 336
Authors: Ronald J. Krotoszynski
Categories: Law
Type: BOOK - Published: 2009-03-01 - Publisher: NYU Press

The First Amendment—and its guarantee of free speech for all Americans—has been at the center of scholarly and public debate since the birth of the Constitu
Regulating Free Speech in a Digital Age
Language: en
Authors: David Bromell
Type: BOOK - Published: - Publisher: Springer Nature

Freedom of Speech and Its Limits
Language: en
Pages: 240
Authors: Wojciech Sadurski
Categories: Philosophy
Type: BOOK - Published: 2014-08-15 - Publisher: Springer

In authoritarian states, the discourse on freedom of speech, conducted by those opposed to non-democratic governments, focuses on the core aspects of this freed
The Freedom to Be Racist?
Language: en
Pages: 224
Authors: Erik Bleich
Categories: Social Science
Type: BOOK - Published: 2011-09-01 - Publisher: Oxford University Press

We love freedom. We hate racism. But what do we do when these values collide? In this wide-ranging book, Erik Bleich explores policies that the United States, B
American Exceptionalism and Human Rights
Language: en
Pages: 368
Authors: Michael Ignatieff
Categories: Political Science
Type: BOOK - Published: 2009-01-10 - Publisher: Princeton University Press

With the 2003 invasion and subsequent occupation of Iraq, the most controversial question in world politics fast became whether the United States stands within
Early French and German Defenses of Freedom of the Press
Language: en
Pages: 183
Authors: John Christian Laursen
Categories: History
Type: BOOK - Published: 2003-05-27 - Publisher: BRILL

This volume contains English translations of Elie Luzac's Essay on Freedom of Expression (1749) and Carl Friedrich Bahrdt's On Freedom of the Press and its Limi
A Comparison of where the Limits are Drawn on Freedom of Expression in Relation to 'racial Hate Speech' in Germany and New Zealand
Language: en
Pages: 74
The Four Freedoms
Language: en
Pages: 248
Authors: Jeffrey A. Engel
Categories: History
Type: BOOK - Published: 2015-09-01 - Publisher: Oxford University Press

The specter of global war loomed large in President Franklin Roosevelt's mind as 1941 began. He believed the United States had a role to play in the battle agai