The Carbon Footprint Handbook

The Carbon Footprint Handbook

Thorough and detailed, The Carbon Footprint Handbook encompasses all areas of carbon footprint, including the scientific elements, methodological and technological aspects, standards, industrial case studies, and communication of carbon footprint results. Written and edited by an international group of experts, the far-ranging topics on carbon footprinting are divided into three sections comprising chapters focused on methodology, modeling, and case studies. The concepts of carbon footprint and climate change are no longer new to the world. As a result, there is increasing interest in quantifying and reducing the carbon footprint around the world, from industrial to individual levels. This book describes modeling aspects and calculations of carbon footprint in organizations and production. It emphasizes the importance of locating non-polluting energy sources as well as sustainability. The book also provides case studies offering a wealth of information on practices and methods in detecting and addressing carbon footprint. The Carbon Footprint Handbook is an important reference that discusses, in depth, the essential details of carbon footprint assessment. It uses research and case studies on methods and practices from locations around the world including China, India, Spain, and Latin America. It demonstrates that the problems of carbon footprint are indeed worldwide while showing how they can be addressed in myriad areas of life, from industrial to personal action.

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Publisher CRC Press
Release Date
ISBN 1482262231
Pages 533 pages
Rating 4/5 (30 users)

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