Change Starts With Me

Change Starts With Me

You can make a difference in how young students see and understand race and racism. Grounded in real-world examples, this accessible, insightful guide tackles topics like White silence, the scientific origin of skin color, and societal fears of being perceived as a racist. Readers will find solutions to overcome barriers like inherent biases and wary parents while helping students understand emotional and complex issues. Elementary classroom teachers will: Help young children develop a foundational understanding about race and racism rooted in anti-bias practices Vicariously experience a classroom’s transformation from silent to celebratory Learn and teach the scientific origins of skin color and how differences should be acknowledged and celebrated Build skills in maintaining transparency and clear communication with hesitant parents Gain confidence to break the silence surrounding these complex and profound topics Contents: Preface Introduction Part 1: Reasons Some Choose Silence and Reasons for Breaking It Chapter 1: Racial Stress Chapter 2: Diverse Environments Chapter 3: Not Knowing What to Say About Race Chapter 4: The Desire for a Post-Racial World Part 2: Effective and Appropriate Ways to Talk About Race and Racism in Your Classroom Chapter 5: The Importance of Speaking Up Chapter 6: Peaceful Changemakers Chapter 7: A Deeper Conversation About Race Chapter 8: Parents and Caregivers as Partners in the Conversation Chapter 9: Common Roadblocks and a Path Through Them Glossary Appendix A: Frequently Asked Questions Appendix B: Steps to Take Before Introducing Dr. King Appendix C: Picture Books That Address Skin Color, Race, Hair, and Other Identities Appendix D: Books for Adults on Race and Racism References and Resources Index

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Publisher Solution Tree Press
Release Date
ISBN 195281278X
Pages 208 pages
Rating 4/5 (81 users)

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