Last Breath

Author: Peter Stark

Publisher: Ballantine Books

Total Pages: 320

Just before 3 A.M., with Linda hugging her on the snow bench, Adrian exhaled her last rasping breaths. ... migrates from the dying person's head toward the heart, dissolving anger as it goes, giving the person a clarity of awareness and ...

A Gradual Awakening

Author: Stephen Levine

Publisher: Anchor

Total Pages: 192

Enter this body of awareness, which experiences sound as hearing. ... Let the awareness settle very alertly, very carefully, on each in breath, on each out breath. ... as awareness itself. Take each breath as though it were the last.

Healing with Death Imagery

Author: Anees Ahmad Sheikh

Publisher: Routledge

Total Pages: 254

Dying. For this meditation, Levine recommends choosing a place in your home where you would choose to die. ... Come back to the breathing; follow the breathing with your awareness; feel the inhalation; follow it through to the ...

Bear Awareness

Author: Brahm

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

Total Pages: 176

Almost about to breathe his last breath, “Buddha, Dhamma, Sangha,” he thought, “Hey, if my three sons are here, who's looking after my shop?” And that's when he died. That old joke is a good story. It means that, yes, the last thought ...

In Extremis

Author: Tim Parks

Publisher: Random House

Total Pages: 352

That was where the tenderness came from. Being dying animals together. With feet of clay. It was important that no one had said anything. The silence had made the awareness possible. Our silent awareness of the breath that was going.

In Love with the World

Author: Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche

Publisher: Pan Macmillan

Total Pages: 288

Now is dying. Last breath is dying. Unborn awareness cannot die. Unborn awareness exists with and beyond our bodies. Death is an illusion and living is also an illusion. Death and dying are only concepts; our perceptions shape ...

Be a Monk

Author: Chetan Prabhakar

Publisher: Blue Rose Publishers

Total Pages: 112

our first breath and when we die, we take our last breath in awareness, and in between, we just forget to acknowledge or be aware of our breath. Breath is a bridge between our body and mind. It aligns our body and mind, ...

Free Spirit

Author: Sundance Burke

Publisher: Awake Spirit Publishing

Total Pages: 199

Is awareness depressed and grieving when the job is lost , the marriage ends or the body takes its last breath ? Is it awareness that suffers ? Is suffering in Let us not seek our true nature from ephemeral appearances.

Self-Awakening Yoga

Author: Don Stapleton

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

Total Pages: 320

The Expansion of Consciousness through the Body's Own Wisdom Don Stapleton. sensations of breathing. Conscious use of the breath in yoga ... Life begins with your first breath in and ends with your last breath out. Breath is life.