Cloud Storage Forensics

Author: Darren Quick

Publisher: Syngress

Total Pages: 208

Digital forensic investigation in the cloud computing environment, however, is in infancy due to the comparatively recent prevalence of cloud computing. Cloud Storage Forensics presents the first evidence-based cloud forensic framework.

Intelligent Systems and Applications

Author: W.C.-C. Chu

Publisher: IOS Press

Total Pages: 2244

All rights reserved. doi:10.3233/978-1-61499-484-8-904 Frameworks in Evidence Collection in Forensics by Analyzing Temporal Cloud Storage Forensics Da-Yu Kao, Min-Jung Chung, and Shiuh-Jeng WANG* Department of Information Management, ...

Advances in Digital Forensics XIV

Author: Gilbert Peterson

Publisher: Springer

Total Pages: 367

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Digital-Forensics and Watermarking

Author: Yun-Qing Shi

Publisher: Springer

Total Pages: 626

An Iterative Management Model of Exploring Windows Date-Time Stamps in Cloud Storage Forensics Da-Yu Kao(&) and Ying-Hsuan Chiu Department of Information Management, Central Police University, Taoyuan 333, ...